Working on a new video for the track ‘The Inner Life of God / The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit’ by JOHN 3:16 (taken from ‘Visions of The Hereafter - Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory’ released on Alrealon Musique)

You can listen to this track on Soundcloud:

or on Bandcamp:


Working on new tracks with my friend Anthony Donovan for a John 3:16 (Drone/Electronics/Noise) & Anthony Donovan album. More info soon.

Listen to the first track JOHN 3:16 & Anthony Donovan track on SoundCloud:


THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE / Fort Foreclosure Benefit CD

The exclusive track ‘The Fountain of Life’ from John 3:16 (Drone/Electronics/Noise) is now mastered and has been sent to William Schaff

‘The Fountain of Life’ is to be included in the Fort Foreclosure Benefit CD.

Fort Foreclosure Benefit CD - $30
A cd of songs recorded by artists William Schaff has worked with over the years. These tracks are unavailable elsewhere and given for this project alone. What a great opportunity to collect songs by artists you love that you will never find anywhere else! Included are artists such as (but not limited to) Brown Bird, Dreamend, Haunt the House, Joe Fletcher, Dan Blakeslee, Kid Dakota, Swearing at Motorists, Will Sheff of Okkervil River, Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores and more!
Estimated delivery: August 2014

Help save the Fort! Contribute!


My Name is William Schaff. As most of you here know, I have been a working artist for the the last 20 some odd years or so. I have started this campaign because the studio and home that both myself, and the band, Brown Bird, inhabit is again in Foreclosure. I am looking to make this stop, once and for all, and I am hoping you can help. Please check out the rewards I offer for contributing, and see if there is anything that catches your fancy. I’ve tried to make sure that each of you, no matter your situation, can be part of this effort. If we are not able to raise all the money, what is raised shall still go towards covering the mortgage, and dealing with the utilities. Keeping the Fort, out of foreclosure.

So please watch the attached video, see what you will be getting involved with. Share, and tell your friends. Become a part of the arts in a way you may not have before!

Thank you.

William Schaff


JOHN 3:16 is a unique experiment relying on the broad culture of its solo composer. Heavy and aerial, the music is leading here. No rules to follow as no genre wide enough to encompass all the elements in JOHN 3:16. In between soundtrack, ambient electronic and drone, each track is a piece of space somewhere, far away from here.



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